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Hair wax for men works best on short to medium-length hair. The biggest benefit? You can restyle your hair throughout the day.

1922 J.M. by Keune wax

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Keune hair wax for men: just the right amount of hold

Hair wax gives men with short to medium-length hair just the right amount of hold. Wax for men keeps hair nourished, hydrated and glossy. Medium hold keeps hair in place while providing the flexibility to restyle your hair during the day. Wax is also great for adding extra volume and texture.

1922 by J.M. Keune World-Class Wax is a versatile product that is used to create hairstyles for men. This wax has a glossy finish and nourishes and revitalizes men's hair. It's enriched with Creatine and Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed extract -  two powerhouse supplements that nourish and keep hair healthy.

How do you style your hair with hair wax for men? Rub a small amount of World-Class Wax between your palms and work through hair, especially at the ends. For even better distribution, warm the hair wax between the palms of your hands by rubbing them together. You can also blow medium heat on the hair wax or your hair with a blow dryer to make the wax more supple.