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Hair paste is synonymous with lots of texture and light hold. Use Keune’s hair paste for men on short to medium-length hair for a strong hold and matte finish.

1922 J.M. by Keune Paste

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Hair paste by Keune: for messy, textured looks

Hair paste is your best ally for achieving a messy look. Because paste provides texture and hold, it's the perfect choice to get that casual look.

1922 by J.M. Keune Premier Paste is suitable for all hair types and adds texture and volume to your hair. The hair does not become hard and stays supple, allowing restyling throughout the day. Hair paste by Keune also keeps hair healthy and strong, with a dose of Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed extract and Creatine.

How to use Premier Paste? Work a small amount of Premier Paste in your hands by rubbing your palms together to warm up the paste so that it's manageable. Then apply to towel-dry hair, starting at the crown and working towards the front. Don't use too much paste or your hair will feel stiff and heavy. A pea-sized amount will do