4 hair trends for summer 2021

Are you looking for the latest hair trends for summer 2021? The Keune team presents the latest hair trends for women for this summer. 

Those who love natural hair are in for a good summer. With the hair trends of 2021, we can finally indulge in simplicity again. We leave the world of overconsumption and we return to a fashion of honesty and sustainability. Whereas previous seasons were mostly characterized by the chaotic street-baroque style, the hair trends of 2021 are mostly natural silhouettes with simple ingredients. We return to the icons of casual. Discover the latest and trendy hairstyles of 2021

1. Hair trend "Outdoor, Indoor"

This 2021 hair trend provides a '90s vibe. The shag haircut, where the hair is layered in different lengths, returns. This summer hairstyle is characterized by soft waves and an androgynous look. Often combined with earthy or nude hair color.

2. Hair trend "Fresh Hawaii"

This summer hairstyle goes perfectly with pastel shades that remind you of your favorite flowers. Soft buttercup yellow, lovely lilacs, peonies, and subtle bluebells. With this hair trend, you create a vintage hairstyle that envelops the head, often with a center parting and a soft natural finish. Go for a light peach color or a gold-tone.

Hair trends for summer

3. Hair Trend "Tropical Old School"

Do you want a combination of the previous two beautiful hairstyles? Embrace the "Tropical Old School" hairstyle. It is perfect for women who want to be colorful, but not too much. This ultra-feminine hairstyle brings out female beauty that matches perfectly with simple clothes. The best color tones for this trendy hairstyle are brunette beige and iridescent tones.

4. Hair trend "Digital Flowers"

This hair trend for ladies gives a contemporary look where soft shapes are combined with strong lines. Perfect when you love a nice denim outfit. This hairstyle pops with dark deep tones.