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Hair Care

Hair serum is the ultimate nourishing treatment for dry, porous or frizzy hair. It's a magical, condensed potion that repairs, protects and hydrates. The result? Soft, smooth and glossy hair.

Keune hair serum

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Hair serum by Keune: big magic in a little bottle

What is hair serum? It's a magic potion in a bottle: a hair oil, conditioning agent for gorgeous gloss and anti-frizz formula, all in one go. The difference between hair oil and hair serum is that hair oil penetrates the hair and nourishes from within, whereas hair serum builds a protective layer around the hair shafts to shield them from damage caused by heat styling tools.

Keune So Pure Travel Size Defrizz Serum is a silicone- and paraben-free hair serum . This hair serum is enriched with organic Argan Oil and essential oils. It locks in moisture and smooths frizz, leaving hair polished and shiny without being greasy or weighed down.

Keune Care Satin Oil Treatment is an intensive, hydrating hair serum for dry hair. Maracuja, Baobab and Monoï oils leave dry, porous or damaged hair feeling good and looking great: healthy, soft and shiny.

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Porosity Filler is a highly concentrated cream that is formulated with Ceramide and Wheat Proteins that actively work together to strengthen the hair fibers, restoring and revitalizing damaged, weak hair. This makes this serum very effective against hair loss.