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Hair care

Keune conditioners nourish the scalp to promote healthy hair. Hair care products by Keune have been designed to optimize hair and scalp health.

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Conditioners by Keune Care: rich formulas for optimally cared-for hair

Choose a Keune Care conditioner based on your primary and secondary hair concerns and you'll have magnificent and silky soft hair in no time. Absolute Volume conditioner by Keune Care volumizes and adds body to fine hair. This conditioner makes creating hairstyles for very fine hair  effortless and fun. The Curl Control line by Keune Care makes curls glossy, bouncy and frizz free. Keratin Smooth is a keratin treatment for curls. The active ingredients, including the fibrous protein Keratin, make hair shinier and reduce frizz for curls that are easy to manage.

Repair Conditioner Vital Nutrition provides dry or damaged hair intensive nourishment.  The rich formula contains Provitamin B5 which deeply penetrates the hair structure, delivering essential moisture that helps hydrate and nourish the hair.

The nourishing and effective formulas of Keune's professional conditioners have been designed to tackle a wide variety of hair and scalp concerns. Say goodbye to hair loss, dandruff, and dull, damaged or fluffy hair with Keune Care conditioners.