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Keune hairstyle trends and hair color trends for 2020/2021

The Current

Goodbye, fast fashion – hello classic hairstyles that look great longer. We’ve tracked hairstyle trends & see changes towards healthy hair. Say hello to The Current, Keune's trend guide for the year ahead.

The Current

What trends do we forecast?

Welcome to The Current, Keune’s trend guide for the Fall/Winter 2020/2021 season. As always, we’ve been keeping our eyes and ears open for the latest in hair color and styling trends.

Fashion is making way for the growing trend of minimal yet powerful capsule wardrobes, filled with versatile classics. You will see simpler hairstyles and more subdued colors – cut to look great longer. Natural hair colors are being layered with shades of brown.

The Current style trends
Style trends

Feminine Twist

Long, flowing, shiny hair is a natural fit. Embrace your natural volume for an organic look. Twisted braids are a sophisticated way to pin hair back while keeping on-trend.

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