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Beautiful colors you know they'll love

Keune Color

What could be more satisfying than your client turning around and loving her look after you’re done? The colors alive in her hair…


Magic in a tube

Here’s every colorist’s favorite moment: a client looks in the mirror, loving the look they’ve given them. The colors catch the light, glinting in their hair. They’re happy, the hair stylist happy. It’s the best.

With Keune Color, our professional color lineup, a hair stylist has everything they need to create this moment. With gentle coconut cream-based formulas, each color, lightening powder and developer performs to perfection without compromising hair health, so all they have to think about is the job at hand. Get ready to paint.

Tube and smudge
Permanent color

Tinta Color

Permanent color consist of oxidative pigments. These pigments are undeveloped, small colorless pigments that can easily penetrate into the cortex. They are developed into large, colored molecules that are locked inside the hair by the oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide. They are secured in the cortex and give a permanent long-lasting color result.

Our permanent color range, Tinta Color provides supreme conditioning, luminous shine and a perfect coverage.

Tinta Color
Tubes and smudges
Demi-permanent color

Semi Color

Demi-permanent color is a less permanent hair color option. This type of hair color consist of a combination of oxidative and non-oxidative pigments. Non-oxidative pigments are larger and settle around the hair and wash out more easily.

Our demi-permanent color range, Semi Color, is an ammonia-free range with soft, natural-looking tones with a glossy shine.

Semi Color

Ultimate Blonde

With our Ultimate Blonde range, there is a way to achieve every blonde ambition. Ultimate Blonde is a range of professional lightening powders for beautiful bright results and a collection of toners to spice up your blonde.

Ultimate Blonde
"With Keune Color, you have everything you need to create a magical moment."Irene Bekman, international educator Keune Haircosmetics
Strengthening treatments

Bond Fusion

The revolutionary Bond Fusion thoroughly treats and conditions colored hair, offering up to five times more long lasting conditioning. This treatment not only protects the inner structure of the hair, it also boosts your color result.

Bond Fusion