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Custom hair care that starts with you

Keune You

Most people experience multiple hair concerns; however, only a fraction find an all-in-one hair product that caters to their needs. That’s where Keune You comes in - shampoo and conditioner, customizable for every client.


Meet Keune You

Keune You is a new way to customize Keune Care, based on a personal hair diagnosis. You can choose from six highly-concentrated care- and four color-maintenance elixirs. These are added to the base Keune You shampoo and/or conditioner – both with the same sophisticated fragrance.

Personalized packaging shows which elixirs were added, and the hairstylist who created the custom blend. With over 100 combinations, Keune You offers personalized hair care solutions for everyone.

For every hair solution


There are six care elixirs and four color-maintenance elixirs. Each care elixir features unique technologies for volume, smoothness, shine, nutrition, curls, or color.

Color-maintenance elixirs contain highly concentrated pigments to maintain cool blonde, cool brown, red, and copper hair. The elixirs can also be used in combination with Keune treatments, including Bond Fusion, Miracle Elixir, and Care masks.

"Keune You customizes quality hair care and color-maintenance while reinforcing hairdressers’ personal relationship with their clients."Mirjam Homma - International Educator Keune Haircosmetics
The perfect canvas

Shampoo & Conditioner

The perfect base for you to customize with elixirs. The shampoo and conditioner are enriched with high-quality ingredients, designed to gently cleanse and moisturize the hair.

  • Extra added Panthenol for long-lasting moisturize
  • One sophisticated fragrance
  • An easy to shake rich formula
  • Sulfate-free (shampoo)

How does it work?

Step1. Consult - Diagnose your client’s hair through a personal consultation. Choose two different elixirs—one Care Elixir + one Color-Maintenance Elixir or two (different) Care Elixirs.

Step 2. Mix - Open the base shampoo or conditioner bottle. At the back bar or trolley, add 15 pumps of Elixir #1 to the base (10ml in total) and add 15 pumps of Elixir #2 to the base (another 10ml). Close the bottle.

Step 3. Shake - Shake the bottle till the elixirs are mixed with the base product.

Step 4. Customize - Keune You Shampoo and Conditioner are retailed in a beautiful, luxurious, and personalized showbox. On the outside of the box, mark the elixirs used, include the name of the client, the name of the stylist, and the date the product was customized.

Step 5. Finish - Seal the box with the Keune You sticker and ta-da! Your client’s customized haircare solution is finished.