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So Pure

What you put on your hair is as important as what you put into your body.


Natural Balance

Keune So Pure is exactly what the name suggests: a pure range of sulfate-,  and ammonia-free color, care and styling products. A complete range of products that are 100% vegan and celebrate nature.

Hair Wellness

So Pure Haircare

Treat yourself to a complete haircare wellness experience. So Pure provides regimens for every hair need.

So Pure Care
Create beautiful styles

So Pure Styling

A complete range of styling products to create long-lasting looks. So Pure styling products are paraben-free and enriched with essential oils and an orange and palmarosa scent. 

So Pure Styling

So Pure Color

Ask your stylist about Keune's exclusive ammonia-free color products.

So Pure Color
"Life is so much better when you take great care of yourself. It simply means making conscious choices and knowing exactly what goes into the things you choose to use."Joanne van Hoeflaken, education manager Keune Haircosmetics
Natural ingredients

Plant extracts and essential oils

There are no sulfates in our So Pure shampoos – instead, we use guar gum and coconut oil. And our Pure colors are ammonia-free.

What did we include? So Pure products are enriched wil plant extracts containing natural active ingredients and certified organic essential oils to create a beautiful aromatic experience.

For moisture, shine and protection, all So Pure products are enriched with certified organic argan oil