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1922 by J.M. Keune


Lock down style, or keep it casual

Styling by 1922

Tousled, quick and effortless or serious slick hold. Barbers and men’s stylists know that the secret to looking great is having excellent go-to products. From World-Class Wax to Classic Gel, the full range of 1922 by J.M. Keune styling products gives men the freedom to choose the level of hold and shine they prefer.

Most of our 1922 styling products contain creatine for stronger hair – and beneficial protein.

Healthy from the inside out

Key ingredients

Creatine: strengthens hair and lowers the chance of hair breakage versus non-creatine treated hair.

The range

How to use

Classic Gel, Premier Paste
Using your fingers, work a small amount through damp or dry hair – then style as you like.

World-Class Wax, Original Pomade, Premium Clay
Rub a small amount between your palms, work through damp or dry hair – then style as you like.

Styling product range #1

Original Pomade - Original style calls for Original Pomade from 1922 by J.M. Keune, a rich and shiny product with strong hold that also keeps hair healthy with creatine and cannabis sativa (hemp) seed extract.

Premium Clay - For strong hold and a matte finish, Premiem Clay adds texture and volume to short or medium-length hair. And because being handsome is more than skin deep, we added nutrients to keep healthy from the inside out.

World-class Wax - Short hair’s best styling friend, World-class Wax has just the right amount of hold. Our wax also adds shine, nutrients and moisture – and makes it easy to restyle whenever you want.  

Premier Paste - One of the basics of men’s hairstyling, Premier Paste works on damp or dry hair, to add texture and volume – with strong hold and a matte finish for short to medium-length hair.