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New essentials, new ways to style.

The men's league

Discover three new styling products. Formulated for trending men's hairstyles.


From grunge styles to the classic quiff.

Men are feeling free to do anything they want with their hair – and why not? We’re seeing variations on iconic indie rocker bangs. Textured long and short hair – as 90s grunge styles come back into the picture. And classic rockabilly inspired quiffs. All styled for today’s man with Matte Measure, Tough Texture and Tinted Dust from 1922 by J.M. Keune.

Created with Matte Measure

The offbeat mod

Create the offbeat mod with the 1922 by J.M. Keune Matte Measure. The matte measure has an amazing yet pliable hold with a matte finish. Work Matte Measure through your hands until it almost disappears to create separation and lightweight texture. For extra texture, build it up using a little – then a little more.

With the Premium Clay.

The pop rocker

This style uses the same cut as the offbeat mod, but lifts the hair off the face. Premium clay adds volume and keeps this textured quiff going all day long.

Tom Chapman's (Keune's global barber director) tip?

“Really warm up Premium Clay in your hands so it softens. Work it through your hands until it’s almost transparent. Then it becomes moldable and easy to apply to dry hair, and as a fi nisher. The beauty is, when it’s warm, you can apply it to the hair. As it cools down, it sets the hair in place. But it’s still workable – just warm the hair up with a blow dryer and reposition.”

Made with the Tough Texture.

The west coaster

“A soft textured acoustic rocker feeling, with a natural, cleaner look - and softer with more movement. You could say it's clean-cut rock and roll."

The west coaster is created with the Tough Texture. Great on fine, long and short hair and Tough Texture can be used on hair when it’s wet. And after it’s had time to dry, layer it up for more separation. Made with Creatine to help keep hair strong.

The seattle rebel

Styled with the World-class Wax.

“For a modern look, use a flat iron straightener to enhance the world-class wax at the ends."

Tom Chapman’s tip?

“Warm up the wax so it gets soft. It’s great for longer hairstyles and creating separation. After drying, I applied a flat iron and then wax on the ends. I put wax in my hands, went from under, sandwiched my hands over the hair, and slid down the hair while rubbing my hands together to coat the midlengths and ends. So the roots didn’t get greasy, and we could keep that volume.”

Styled using Tinted Dust volume powder.

The surfer pomp

Create the Surfer Pomp look with volume and easy, loose texture with the Tinted Dust volume powder. Tinted Dust has light brown coloration, so hair looks thicker, too. The precision nozzle lets you pump the powder right into the roots to make it look fuller and thicker where you want.

"You can give the best haircut in the world, but without the products to style it, it will never look as good."Tom Chapman, global barber director Keune Haircosmetics
Created with the Original Pomade.

The slick pomp

We created this style using Original Pomade. It sets with high shine and washes straight out. So you get all that great shine without getting greasy hair.

Tom’s tip?

“I like to build up the style gradually, working from root to tip. Comb some Original Pomade through the hair. Then comb the hair into the shape you desire. You can add more and more Original Pomade to create more control. It will also set the style nicely in place. For a good set, and a classic, high-shine look.”

Tom Chapman became Keune's very first Global Barber Director in January 2019.

"Barbering was a perfect fit for me."

"One day while I was working in my salon, Keune contacted me about an exciting new adventure. They were developing a new men’s line, 1922 by J.M. Keune. Would I join them? What a dream come true! You can give
the best haircut in the world, but without the products to style it, it will never look as good.

Seeing the attention Keune puts into every detail of its product range was very inspiring. Then Joanne van Hoeflaken, Global Education Manager for Keune, asked me if I would be interested in launching the brand around the world as global ambassador. And in 2019, I became the Global Barber Director of 1922 by J.M. Keune. I am honored to be able to create the new collection, new campaigns – and have more input in educating the Keune family across the globe. Our goal is to make an impact and become an iconic brand. And I want to continue to help create a complete men’s line that is always evolving."

Product range

Matte measure - Molding cream with medium hold and matte finish. Create a textured look. Perfect for restyling during the day.

Tough Texture - Medium hold and matte finish. Create a textured look, without weighing down your hair.

Tinted Dust - Lightweight, light brown-colored powder. Create a textured look, without weighing down your hair.