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Keune hairstyle trends and hair color trends for 2020/2021

The Current

Goodbye fast fashion – hello classic hairstyles that look great for longer. We’ve tracked hairstyle trends & see healthy changes. So hello The Current, Keunes trend guide for this year.

The Current

What trends do we forecast?

Welcome to The Current, Keune’s trend guide for the Fall/Winter 2020/2021 salon season. As always, we’ve been keeping our eyes and ears open for the latest in hair color and styling trends. Especially now, as the world is working so hard to deal with COVID19 and all the changes it brings us.

Fast fashion is making way for the growing trend of minimal yet powerful capsule wardrobes, filled with versatile classics. In hair fashion you see simpler hairstyles and more subdued colors – with hairstyles cut to look great for longer. And natural hair colors layered with shades of brown. Which is an extension of the healthy hair trend, with lots of shine for a virgin-hair look.

We’ll tell and show you more the upcoming month. Find out your favorite trend style and head to a Keune salon to get your hair fashionably done. 

The Current color trends
Color trends

Brown is the new blonde

As we have seen in the past years, healthy hair will continue to be important to both women and men. History tells us that when people are watching their wallets, hair color tends towards a more natural look.

Natural colors will form the basis of a top layering of natural shades that complement your client’s hair color. With an emphasis on lovely shades of brown – both light and dark. There’s still plenty of opportunity to play with color, while keeping minimal maintenance in mind. So hair continues to look great even as the color grows out. See video.

The Current cutting trends
Cutting trends

The return of the all time favorites

Another sign of the times is the trend towards powerful, classic fashion with a feminine touch. Think 1970s YSL pant suits with flowing wide slacks. We are entering a season where classics are king. Because they have staying power.

Making wise investments in fashion also applies to skillfully cut hair. Hairstyle trends include classic bobs, one-length styles that can easily grow out, and choppy or curtain bangs – that look still great as they get longer. It worked for Brigitte Bardot! And as they grow longer, your client can easily wear them to side and keep looking stylish.

The Current style trends
Style trends

Flowing and feminine – with a twist

Fall and winter 2020/2021 is bringing us back to the trend of healthy hair. The more shine, the better! We’re talking “virgin hair” that’s lightweight and glossy – reflecting your client’s healthy lifestyle and attitude.

This all goes with the fashion trend of flowing, feminine forms. Long, flowing (and shiny) hair is a natural fit. But trends also show a love of the wetlook – and twisted braids are a sophisticated way to pin hair back while keeping on trend. And volume is back – but not with a vengeance. Keep it organic and natural to keep it on trend.