Keune The Current

We understand that training is not only about how to use our products and services, but also about your creative growth. In order to stimulate your creative growth we have introduced The Current.

At Keune, we have launched a brand-new project for all our distributors and their customers. The Current aims to provide a monthly dose of creativity under the guidance of Global Ambassadors. These Ambassadors share the global trends with you.

Curious about what is going on in New York or what trends are dominating the streets in Amsterdam? Want to know which cuts are trending in Brazil or what cutting-edge techniques are being developed in Sweden? With The Current we bring all this creativity into the salon.

The Current style trends
Style trends

Flowing and feminine – with a twist

Fall and winter 2020/2021 is bringing us back to the trend of healthy hair. The more shine, the better! We’re talking “virgin hair” that’s lightweight and glossy – reflecting your client’s healthy lifestyle and attitude.

This all goes with the fashion trend of flowing, feminine forms. Long, flowing (and shiny) hair is a natural fit. But trends also show a love of the wetlook – and twisted braids are a sophisticated way to pin hair back while keeping on trend. And volume is back – but not with a vengeance. Keep it organic and natural to keep it on trend.