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So Pure

Color Care

Keeping color looking salon-fresh

So Pure Color Care

Gentle and balanced, the So Pure Color Care line has been especially created to preserve color treatments – and prevent color from fading. But we also take care of hair and scalp health, with organic argan oil, sunflower seed extract and amylose.

Certified organic jasmine and sandalwood not only restore moisture, they also offer your clients a sensually aromatic experience that soothes the spirit. The shampoo is also gentle, color-safe and sulfate-free.

Healthy hair with great color

Key ingredients

Moroccan argan oil
Certified organic and rich in vitamins A and E, to strengthen and hydrate hair and scalp.

Jasmine and sandalwood oil
Certified organic oils that work together to restore hair’s moisture and balance.

Sunflower seed extract and amylose
For maximum color protection, while conditioning hair.

Color Care


STEP 1. Color Care Essential Oil - Apply a few drops of essential oil to a hot towel and place the towel on your client's forehead.

STEP 2. Color Care Shampoo -  Shampoo the hair to cleanse. Shampoo the hair again and massage your scalp.

STEP 3. Color Care Conditioner - Apply Conditioner, set for 15-20 min. and rinse.

STEP 4. Color Care Leave-In Spray - Spray Leave-In Spray on mid-lengths and ends and leave in.

STEP 5. Moroccan Argan Oil - Apply Moroccan Argan Oil to the lengths and ends and leave in.

Color Care products

Shampoo - Protect color treated hair the natural way, with So Pure Color Care Shampoo. With organic plant-based oils to nourish, hydrate and soothe.

Conditioner - Rich in nourishing organic oils, So Pure Color Care Conditioner preserves the beauty of color treatments and restores hair’s natural strength, hydration and shine.

Leave-in Spray - Just spray on and leave in color-treated hair, to keep color going for longer – and to help hair stay shiny, tangle-free and strong.