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Strengthening treatment

Bond Fusion

Restoring broken bonds

Bond Fusion

We all want vivid colors and luscious locks, but we don’t want to compromise on the hair’s integrity. To achieve this we sometimes have to decolor our hair. This process breaks down natural and artificial pigments, and chemical bonds. To repair all this damage and build new bonds, we created Bond Fusion – a 3-phase premium bond booster.

The results? Up to 5 times more long lasting conditioning*.

* versus key competitor, after five washes

Strength and conditioning

The benefits

Ultimate strengthening: It’s guaranteed to double the strength of hair, as compared with colored hair without Bond Fusion.

Continuous conditioning:
- Up to 5 times more long-lasting conditioning*
- Up to twice as combable**
- Up to 43% less hair breakage***

* versus key competitor, after five washes
** following a lightening process
*** after 1000 comb strokes