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Repair damaged hair by up to 80%*

Care Miracle Elixir

Repair damaged hair by up to 80%*

Miracle Elixir

Sometimes dry, damaged hair needs a true miracle. That’s when salons call on the wonders of Care Miracle Elixir by Keune. This unique formula is based on highly sophisticated keratin formula – which helps reduce damage by up to 80% ­­*  –  leaving hair 2x softer.

All that deep nourishment begins with Care Miracle Elixir Concentrated Keratin Booster – a treatment offered exclusively in salons. Care Miracle Elixir Keratin Spray extends the professional treatment at home – so hair feels great, even after 5 shampoos.

* Internal protection of up to 80% after two applications. Based on DSC instrumental tests.

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Miracle Elixir

Keratin rebuilds and repairs hair, quat complex makes hair very easy to comb – and coconut oil moisturizes deep into each strand of hair. Now your hair care prayers have been answered!

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How to use

Miracle Elixir Concentrated Keratin Booster: cleanse hair with desired Keune shampoo. Select the appropriate Keune Care mask – and mix 1 elixir ampule (2ml) with 15g hair mask. For long hair, or hair that’s extremely damaged, mix 2 elixir ampules (4ml) with 30g hair mask. Towel-dry hair, evenly apply the elixir mix, then wrap with a warm towel. Leave in for 20 minutes, then rinse well and style as desired.

Care Miracle Elixir Keratin Spray: to extend your salon treatment at home, spray on towel-dry (or dry) hair. Leave in without rinsing.

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