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Blend Styling

Crunch, twist and swirl

Blend Styling

Go for it with Blend Styling products! Now you’ve got 14 intermixable ways to create fashionable styles for every type of personality and hair. All Blend styling products contain our unique multi-vitamin complex – with vitamins A, E, F and H (biotin) – to keep hair healthy and strong.

We also included rice proteins to protect hair color from UV rays. Grab as many Blend Styling products as you like – and create your own unique blend of styles. It’s all possible with Keune Blend Styling.


How to use

Keune Blend shape
Rub product between your palms, then style on damp or dry hair.

Keune Blend paste
Apply a small amount to damp or dry hair, then scrunch and style.

Keune Blend clay
Rub product between your palms, then style on dry hair.

Keune Blend de-frizz
Apply to damp hair, then set or blow-dry.

Keune Blend gel
Apply to damp or dry hair, then style hair or give locks a wet look.

Keune Blend wax
Apply to damp or dry hair, then scrunch and style.

Keune Blend fiber wax
Emulsify a small amount between your palms, apply to damp or dry hair, then style.

Keune Blend glue
Emulsify a small amount between your palms, work through damp or dry hair, then style.


How to use

Keune Blend sea salt spray
Spray over towel-dried hair. Air dry or use a blow dryer for more texture.

Keune Blend prep spray
Generously spray on damp or dry hair. Blow dry and style with any heat styling tool and product.

Keune Blend gloss spray
Spray 30cm (12 in) away from hair.

Keune Blend refreshing spray
Shake well. Spray throughout hair – or directly on roots. Leave in for 1 minute, then brush out or lightly work into hair.

Keune Blend volume powder
Sprinkle a small amount on roots. Massage in and style. For more volume and texture, also apply to hair lengths.

Keune Blend fixing spray
Spray 30cm (12 in) away from hair, then quickly shape. Also suitable as a working and fixing spray.

Keune Blend salt mousse
Using a generous amount in your palm, work from roots to ends. Air dry. Or use a blow dryer for extra volume and texture.

Blend product range #1

Refreshing Balm - Taking dry shampoo one step further, Blend Refreshing Balm is part dry shampoo and part styling balm. For emphasizing second-day texture while absorbing oils without white residue.

Gloss Spray - Maximum hold without that dreaded helmet-head sensation. Don’t worry about using it on colored hair – we made it safe. And when its time for bed, it’s easy to muss and brush out.

Volume Powder - Create long-lasting lightweight texture and volume, while retaining hair’s natural movement. With flexible hold and matte finish. The more you apply, the stronger the hold.

Clay - Matte texture for all hair types and lengths, without build-up. Blend Clay remains pliable, for easy restyling.

Fiber Wax - Body, volume, texture, structure – all while maintaining an elastic and fl exible hold. Structure-strengthening fi bers make it all happen, without adding weight. 

Blend product range #2

Gel - Our strongest hold in a transparent gel, for long-lasting hold that eliminates static and gives hair that wet look. With our unique multi-vitamin complex to condition and nourish.

Glue - Style hair and keep it in place all day with Blend Glue – a water-resistant product offering maximum level 10 hold and a matte finish.

Wax - A smooth, clear wax for definition and shine without greasiness. Easily rinses out with water. Ideal for short to medium-length hair, and all hair types.

De-Frizz - Tame curls and frizz and enjoy silky, smooth hair that’s tangle-free. Enriched with shine boosters and fibers for flexible hold.

Paste - Texturizer paste for styling creatively messy, bedhead looks for short to medium-length hair of all types.

Shape - The go-to texturizing cream for short, sweet hair. It’s perfect for creating unique, funky ‘dos. Change your mind? Your hair remains easy to restyle.

Sea Salt Spray - Instant beachy texture, body and volume. Creates a rough and messy effect without drying or tangling hair. For normal to fine hair, and all lengths.