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Why every man should have his own shampoo

Shampoo for men

Keune 1922

It's time...                                                                                                      

To wash your hair again, but you've run out of shampoo, so you use your partner's, children's shampoo, or worse, a cheap shower gel. Then you smell all day long of lush spring blossom, of Elsa or Anna or in the latter case of a football locker room. Recognizable?

Quality is a choice 

Men, it's time for a real shampoo that nourishes and cares for your hair. Compare it with the maturation of your taste in clothing, food and probably also in your drink choice. The older you get, the more you appreciate quality. Something as simple as a good shampoo enriches your personal care ritual.

Keune 1922 essential shampoo

The sense of good shampoo? Well-groomed hair starts with a good foundation. Shiny, clean hair and a healthy scalp form the basis for a stylish and well-groomed haircut. The 1922 hair care products by J.M. Keune are formulated to gently cleanse, strengthen and tone men's hair. A nice extra if your hair is getting thinner here and there.

The right choice of a product  Our mild Essential Shampoo is suitable for daily use and can also be used as a shower gel, yes really, and smells of pure luxury. The Essential Conditioner is ideal for hair and care of your beard. The very best product to stimulate the scalp is Refreshing Conditioner, enriched with peppermint and menthol.
If you want to tackle any stubborn hair problems, use Keune 1922 Deep Cleansing Shampoo for example if you sometimes have the last of oily hair. Fight dandruff with the Keune 1922 Purifying Shampoo. Stimulate your scalp with Keune 1922 Refreshing Shampoo. To get fuller, thicker hair, use Fortifying Shampoo.