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Hair Care

Hair spray by Keune provides strong hold to keep your hairstyle it in place all day long. Choose a hair spray for instant volume, a flexible hold or natural shine.

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Hair spray by Keune: strong fixation and a finishing touch

Hair spray is a versatile styling product that adds the finishing touch to your perfectly styled look. We’ve got a wide range of essential hair sprays that fix hair in place with style: for volume, strong fixation, natural shine or colored hair.

Some hair types absolutely demand to be locked in place, like curly hair or voluminous hair. Keune Style High Impact Spray provides maximum hold. It's a super strong 24-hour-hold hairspray with natural shine and all-day humidity protection. The UV filter protects from sun’s harmful rays.

Keune Blend Gloss Spray is a hair spray that instantly adds super glossy shine without a greasy residue. The spray provides a feather-light finishing touch to any hairstyle - and smells great, too. Its moisturizing, nourishing and non-greasy formula is ideal for all hair types.

The Keune Style Root Volumizer Spray adds volume and lifts hair from the roots. Hair roots are the foundation of your hairstyle and the key to spectacular results. This ultralight spray leaves hair manageable while adding natural shine