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Keune consultation

How to look smashing every day?

Your personal hair profile

To get a personal hair profile your hair stylist need to know you and your hair more than good. Therefore, together with all Keune salons we set up the Keune consultation tool. A consult in which your hair stylist get you your personalized advice, so you’ll walk out the salon with the perfect haircut and color.

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Your hair needs

Everyone has certain needs when it comes to their hair. First of all you want healthy hair. But a good hair cut or a hair color that suits your personality is equally important. Based on all your needs and desires your Keune hair stylist will work together with you on your personal hair profile. After the treatment your new haircut, hair color  or hair style will suit your personality completely, so you will look smashing every day.

Watch how a Consultation look like.

"Through Keune Consultation hairdressers can give you a solid advice and an extremely personal cut, color and/or styling treatment"Mirjam Homma, global master and capability educator

Your desired result

Together with your Keune hair stylist you'll go through all the consultation steps to work towards the best result for you. What the best result is depends on how you treat your hair now, what your face shape and skin tone is, what your hair needs are and for instance how on trend you want to be. Based on the Keune consultation method you will achieve your desired result and be your best you. 

Your personal product advice

After the consultation and your treatment at the salon your hair stylist will hand you over your personal consultation card. This card will show about everything about your wishes, your desired result, your face shape and skintone and much more. But just as important is a good product advice. Whether you have dry hair, greasy hair or like to wash your hair less. We'll give you the best product advice for you and your hair needs.

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