5 hair trends for summer 2021

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Keune Hair Cosmetics
Keune Hair Cosmetics

Are you looking for the latest hair trends for summer 2021? The Keune team presents the latest hair trends for women for this summer. 

Those who love natural hair are in for a very happy summer. Indeed, with the hair trends of 2021, we can indulge in simplicity again. We leave the world of overconsumption and we return to a fashion of honesty and sustainability. Healthy hair comes first Healthy hair comes first

1. Be yourself hair trend

Keune Color Semi Color - Model

This year is all about the natural hair movement. Women are embracing their natural hair structure. Where natural curls used to be styled flat, they are now being accentuated. Be the best version of yourself!

2. Beach look

Keune Color Ultimate Blonde - Balayage blond

With limited travel options, this summer hairstyle is becoming a trend. The natural lightness of the hair is mimicked with a beautiful balayage or other highlighting technique. With this, you create a hairstyle like you had just been on vacation. The finishing touch: beach waves of course!

3. The modern shag

Keune Care - Keune You - Model

The 90's shag haircut is coming back this summer. This hair trend is characterized by hair layered in different lengths. This summer hairstyle gives you an androgynous look with soft wavy locks. Perfectly combined with earthy or nude hair color.

4. Warm colors

Keune Color Semi Color - Model

Warm, natural hair colors will be seen often in 2021. With subtle variations in the shades, a multi-dimensional effect is added to the hair. This makes the hair vibrant and yet keeps it looking natural. It's all about nuance.

The Keune Semi Color is a perfect color treatment for this

5. A classic bob

Keune Color Ultimate Blonde

If you thought a short blonde bob was out of fashion, you're wrong. The short bob is the hair trend that is returning in 2021. The great thing about this hair trend is that there is a short hairstyle for every face shape and hair type.

Do you want it platinum blond? Then go for a caring Ultimate Blonde color treatment at one of the Keune salons.