Entries have officially closed!

The ArtSeries - The Trophy Winners, The Journal Choice & Judges Awards will be announced live in Sydney at the Day with Keune 11 June 2017

Congratulations to The ArtSeries – The Trophy Senior and Apprentice category finalists! 

Thank you to everyone that entered, we had so many amazing entries our judges were in awe. It was such a difficult decision to narrow it down to only 6 finalists for each category - we truly have amazing artists!

Good Luck!


THE INSPIRATION; Nocturnal Reflection

Nocturnal Reflection is about the inner darkness we hide within ourselves and facing these fears head on. Every day we tightly control what others think about us by curating our own personal brand. We disguise our true emotions and personality by twisting the way we really want to act, solely to conform to what society says is the acceptable norm. When you look around, how do you really know who portrays a true reality? It’s time to face your fears and be proud to show your true inner-self. 

The look is powerfully soft. It’s dark yet electric and shows a blur between day and night. The colour pallet melts together with gradients and bold shades. Blue tones are accented with red and violet hues – like the jewel of the night. Slate to charcoal shades are combined with intense and offbeat warm yellow and coppers. Metallic reds and ash tones are used to accent. Each look shows strong lines but are finished with soft edges in order to create distinct silhouettes.