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    Blend Fixing Spray

    Blend Fixing Spray

    What it does

    This powerhouse product ensures maximum hold and big volume that lasts all day. It’s super strong, but won’t give you helmet hair. It’s easy to brush out before bed, too.

    Why it's great

    • Multi Vitamin Complex energizes and nourishes hair
    • Long-lasting hairspray that ensures strong hold
    • Ideal as a working and designing hairspray when teasing, brushing and placing the hair
    • Gives shape and volume during the creation of the hairstyle
    • Safe to use on colored hair
    • Easy to brush out

    How to use

    Hold the canister 30 cm/12 inches away from the head and mist the hair. Shape the hair quickly before the product dries. This product can be used as a working and fixing hairspray. 

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