The latest line from Keune is all about mixing things up and creating a style to suite every mood and moment.


Celebrate individuality! Fashioned for the modern muse, style chameleon and free spirit, Keune Blend sparks creativity with endless mix-and-match hair-styling options. The 14 products in the Blend collection give you everything you need to work with texture, hold and shine, whether you use each alone or create a custom mash-up. So grab two, three, four—as many products as you want to invent a whole new look. Because sometimes more is just better.

From clay to dry shampoo to volume powder, Blend is a top-shelf, hair-product mixology kit with extreme performance power and a multi-vitamin complex to nourish and keep hair healthy. Here’s what’s shakin’ in Keune’s new styling toolkit:

·       Keune Blend Shape:
This go-to texturizing cream for short, sweet hair is perfect for creating unique, funky ’dos, then mashing them up and restyling.

·       Keune Blend Paste:
This intense texturizer for the best bed-head look of your life makes it easy to create a messy, undone style for that “I just woke up like this” effect.

·       Keune Blend Clay:
The ultimate matte texturizer for bold definition, super-strong Kaolin natural mineral clay holds hair in place and prevents shine for that perfectly imperfect style. 

·       Keune Blend De-Frizz: This major shine-booster creates seriously silky-smooth, tangle-free hair, no matter what the length. 

·       Keune Blend Gel:
Like to be in control? Then this one’s for you. This concentrated, transparent gel creates a static-free, wet-look effect that lasts.
Plus, a UV filter protects hair color against fading.

·       Keune Blend Wax:
Make the most of short and medium-length hair with this smooth, clear wax. It creates perfect definition sans grease.

·       Keune Blend Fiber Wax: 
Structure-strengthening fibers give hair body, volume, texture and structure, all while maintaining an elastic, flexible hold without adding weight. 

·       Keune Blend Glue:
This water-resistant glue locks hair in place without stickiness for ultra-strong, ultra-matte, ultra-stylish hair that shuns humidity.

·       Keune Blend Sea Salt Spray:
Pure sea salt gives hair more volume, body and texture instantly without making it dry or tangled.

·       Keune Blend Prep Spray:
If you’re using a flat iron, curling iron or blow-dryer, be sure to prep tresses first with this versatile spray.
Soft styling polymers not only protect hair from heated styling tools, but they also help your style last longer.

·       Keune Blend Gloss Spray:
Unique shine boosters make hair super-glossy and shiny, while providing greaseproof definition.

·       Keune Blend Refreshing Spray (Dry Shampoo):
No time to wash? No worries. Refresh your roots with this genius spray. This lightweight formula cleans without water, as it absorbs oils and volumizes for good-as-
new, second-day hair.

·       Keune Blend Volume Powder:
Pump up the volume and create incredible texture while retaining hair’s natural movement with this lightweight powder.
Sprinkle it on, scrunch it up and watch hair reach new heights. 

·       Keune Blend Fixing Spray:
This powerhouse working and fixing hairspray ensures maximum hold and big volume that lasts all day yet brushes out easily.
It’s super-strong but won’t give you helmet hair.

To help you create the Blend experience in your salon, Keune has designed a fashionable Blend Bar that holds all of the Blend products and makes it easy to roll them from station to station. So, what are you and your clients in the mood for today? Mess it up, mold it, smooth it down, crunch it, twist it or make it stand straight up. Just play, there’s no wrong answer.

Join Keune for the most exciting education experience of 2017! Keune invites stylists with a voice and free-spirited hair artists who love to be creative, unique and express themselves to join us for a jam session, a.k.a. Blend Tour. The Blend Tour Team will guide you through the collection of eight looks inspired by modern street fashion around the globe. Plus, take home your own Blend trial kit, notebook and an entry ticket to win a free Blend bar. Contact your local Keune distributor for details.